Countdown to Connection - June 7

Countdown to Connection


We live in what might be the most privileged, affluent, educated culture on the planet, and yet therapists across our nation are inundated by an epidemic of clients who are isolated, lost and above all lonely. How is it possible to “have it all”, while at the same time to “have nothing”? How have we become a culture that has replaced “person to person” time with all varieties of “screen time” and at what cost?

Join us at Creating Connections 2016 and learn what the rapidly developing Science of Love and Adult Attachment has to say about his dilemma. This conference will illuminate a new path, moving us into the future by creating an experience in the present.

This event is a unique opportunity to think, talk, ponder, wonder and connect with the most influential attachment based clinicians and researchers of our time. In September of this year, this group will convene in our nations capitol to share their data, explore new ideas and enrich the work of hundreds of clinicians who are on the front lines of our cultures struggle for connection. It is a rare opportunity for both professional development and personal growth.

Join us and be inspired by the breathtaking relevance attachment theory has for our professional work and personal living. Energized by the leadership and passion of Dr. Sue Johnson, CC 2016 will be a time of connecting, collaborating and maybe even a little communing.

This is one event you don’t want to miss!

Dr. William Bumberry, PhD.