Creating Connections 2016 Online - Healing Families

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  • Presented by Healing Families
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Healing Families: From Distance & Conflict to Openness & Relaxed Engagement

Too often families lose their way and become lost in separate spaces or repetitive conflicts. The future is most bleak when they ((stop trying to be a family but rather)) become content with a self-protective defensive stance that prevents true connection. We now have insights from neuroscience ((and the work of Stephen Porges, in particular)) about how defensiveness will lift when we are able to maintain an attitude of being open and engaged with our immediate environment. Facilitating this ((open and engaged attitude)) is a crucial step in helping families to heal. ((But it is not the last step)). For the family and its members to truly heal, they also need to begin to experience ways of creating profound moments of meaningful connection. ((s that are now available to them.)) This presentation follows the guidance derived from attachment and neuroscience ((theory and research)) and provides a model of family therapy that assists the family in developing safety and then discovering ways to become deeply connected with one another. The specific therapeutic attitude of this PACE model will be presented along with ways to develop the connections that emerge from affective-reflective dialogue.


  • Participants will understand the nature of the common therapeutic journey from defensiveness through interpersonal safety to the reciprocal experience of relaxation and connection
  • Participants will be able to describe the four features of PACE that enable family members to begin to experience each other in healing ways
  • Participants will be able to describe how the therapist is able to help the therapist to develop a coherent narrative through the development of an affective-reflective dialogue

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