Customer Service

We personally want to welcome you to National Marriage Seminars and offer you a word of encouragement. When choosing a seminar in our fast paced culture, many are deceived by a fancy brochure and a smooth talking salesman. Dad always told me that “haste makes waste”, so I hope you will remember his words and do your homework prior to making a major decision. The true measure of value received will only be determined when a problem occurs after the job is completed.

The difference you will find at National Marriage Seminars is found within our company culture. Maintaining both an economic and educational denominator, our entire philosophy is built upon unconditional positive regard in the sales and service process. Rest assured that choosing National Marriage Seminars is a step toward successfully complimenting your graduate school experience or private practice.

If you are in need of information regarding a particular seminar, unsure about how to register, or just want to become more acquainted with our organization please give us a call at 813.960.0001.

Warm Regards,

Chris Cambas – CEO/Co-Founder 
Lori Cambas – COO/Co-Founder – Director of Marketing and Advertising
Madeline Suggs – Digital Marketing & Social Media Administrator