Imago Relationships Training – Fundamentals of Imago Online

Imago Relationships Training – Fundamentals of Imago Online

Imago training will shine a clear and bright light on your work with relationships of all kinds…and it’s never been more accessible or affordable! The first 4 days of the Imago Relationships Certification Program are now as close as your computer screen!

In this Online Training you will…

• learn Imago’s meta-theory, which encompasses our evolutionary, psychological, and social journeys as human beings
• be introduced to the power of the Imago Dialogue as a skill of connection far beyond communication
• practice working in the “space between” using the structure of the relational paradigm
• explore interventions that foster growth and healing in relationships, especially transformative in couples work
• learn the underlying concepts to help couples communicate in a safe and structured way that removes blame, shame, and criticism and lays the foundation for deeper and healthier connections

Help create more safety, harmony, and compassion in all your clients’ relationships and advance your knowledge and skills by learning the deep relationship healing power of Imago.

This course is offered in full or partial sessions:

Part 1 (all 8 modules)
$690 (Early Bird Discount Available)
8 real-time classes via Zoom
32 total CEs available – $50
16 hours real-time class and 16 hours self-paced online 

$590 ($100 discount) for registrations before 11/23!

Modules 1-4 OR Modules 5-8
4 real-time classes via Zoom
16 total CEs available – $25
8 hours real-time class and 8 hours self-paced online 

The next class starts on Dec. 5, 2019! Register today!

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