Art & Science of Love Weekend – Orlando, FL Sep 8-9, 2018

Art and Science of Love Weekend – Orlando, FL (for LGBTQ Community)

Saturday, September 8 – Sunday, September 9, 2018



Dates: September 8-9, 2018
Time: 8:30a – 5:30p
Price: $695 per couple

Presented and hosted by Gloria Bannasch and Kathleen Horrigan – Certified Gottman Therapists                          

  • 7 Card Decks: Love Map, Opportunity, Open-ended Questions, Rituals of Connection, Salsa(Mild, Medium and Hot)
  • 2 Couples Workbooks
  • Repair Checklist
  • Aftermath of a Fight Booklet
  • Sound Relationship House Magnet

The Art and Science of Love Workshop for Couples is a psycho-educational workshop for all types of couples; married, cohabitating and dating couples. Couples of every culture, religion, ethnicity, race, ability and sexual orientation are all welcome to attend. John Gottman has learned what really makes relationships work by studying and following over 3000 couples in four decades of research. Doctors John and Julie Gottman have designed this experiential couples’ workshop to teach you exactly what successful couples do to foster romance and harmony in their relationships.

“Everything was organized and every topic was relatable.” -Art and Science of Love Workshop attendee

Someone from our office will be calling both you and your partner for a brief 10-minute conversation prior to the workshop in order to complete the registration process.

Certified Gottman Therapists & Art and Science of Love Presenters

Gloria Jean Bannasch

Founder, Co-Owner, Team Leader Of GJB Health Services

Founder of GJB Health Services, is nationally certified by the board of certified counselors and is a licensed professional counselor in the state of Wisconsin. She is Wisconsin’s only Certified Gottman Therapist. With over 30 years of experience in the field of counseling, Gloria has worked with couples for many years.

“When I discovered the Gottman Method, the way that I partnered with couples changed dramatically”, Gloria says. “The Gottman Method has allowed me to treat the relationship as the “identified client”, rather than seeing two clients and doing individual therapy with one partner while the other watched. The focus is on coaching the couple to help improve communication and build greater trust and intimacy within the relationship.”

In addition to Gloria’s work with couples, she has worked in a wide variety of settings, in mental health settings and in alcohol and drug treatment programs. Having been trained as an interventionist, Gloria is a big believer and supporter in the intervention process. According to Gloria, “People find recovery and abstinence in a variety of ways; however, I believe that 12 Step groups work the best for most people”.

National Certified Counselor Nationally certified by the Center for Credentialing and Education as an executive coach, Gloria is able to use and interpret various assessments for clients who are beginning to think about entering the work force, making a career change or reentering their careers; these tools allow clients to identify strengths, pin point weaknesses and be more successful in their chosen fields.

Kathleen Horrigan

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A Certified Gottman Therapist and is currently involved in leading Gottman Art and Science Workshops. Over the past two years Kathleen has trained with and been a rover for John and Julie Gottman in Seattle Washington. Kathleen lives and works in private practice near Baltimore Maryland. In her private practice, Kathleen specializes in couples counseling and anxiety related issues as a Licensed Certified Professional Counselor.

Kathleen has been married for 37 years to her husband Michael. Michael and Kathleen have four grown sons, four amazing daughter–in-laws and five wonderful grandchildren.

Kathleen loves doing couples work and particularly appreciates how the Gottman framework lends itself to assisting couples in deepening their connection, enhancing communication, and helping couples to create shared meaning in their lives together.

Disclaimer, Refund, Policy Cancellation Policy Agreement*

Refund Policy: 

  • Cancellation policy: Couples who cancel prior to 30 days before the workshop, for which they registered, will receive a full refund minus a $100.00 administrative fee.
  • Couples who cancel with less than 29 days’ notice, before the workshop for which they registered, will not receive a refund. Instead, they will receive a credit to attend any couples workshop held by Gloria Bannasch within 2 years of the date of the workshop for which they originally registered.
  • Workshop credits may also be transferred to another couple, if the couple that registered, and canceled, wishes to do so. Workshop credits may also be applied to 3 hours of individual, or couples’ therapy, with Gloria Jean Bannasch; pending availability.

By registering for a GJB Health Services hosted event you agree to hold harmless National Marriage Seminars, Inc., its directors, and employees from any and all liability associated with those travel and event arrangements. By registering for any event through National Marriage Seminars, Inc. website the individual or entity agrees to these terms.

Disclaimer :  All arrangements to attend a GJB Health Services, LLP hosted event agrees to hold harmless National Marriage Seminars, Inc., its directors, and employees from any and all liability associated with this training.

CE’s: CE’s are NOT included in the price of these workshops, however, they will be available for purchase at the event.

Grievance Policy: It is the mission of National Marriage Seminars of America to find presenters who serve as a gateway to enhance clinical skills and to produce and distribute their work with integrity. We also believe in creating a learning environment that respects the diversity our attendees bring to these events. If you are dissatisfied with your experience, please email us at or contact us via phone at 813-960-0001 to further discuss your concerns.

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