Creating Connections 2016 – Online Videos

Creating Connections Online Video – 14 Hours

  • Presented by: Dr. Sue Johnson, Dr. Dan Siegel, Dr. James Barlow, Dr. Jim Coan, Dr. Marco Iacaboni, Dr. Daniel Hughes, Dr. Guy Diamond, Dr. Janina Fisher, Dr. Zindel Segal

  • $175.00 per person

  • 14 CE Hours (available for $39.99 after viewing the download through National Marriage Seminars of America)

Course Description:

For the first time in the United States, Creating Connections 2016 will bring together the world’s most-renowned and followed neuroscience and psychotherapy experts as they focus on the continuing impact of cutting-edge science. All previous Creating Connections conferences have been held in Efteling, the Netherlands, since their inception in 2011. The practice of psychotherapy is undergoing a revolution because of the latest research showing the ways people are wired for relationships and how they can employ innate tools for managing those relationships. The researchers and scientists speaking at Creating Connections 2016 will help you develop your own framework and techniques for applying this science in your work with adults, couples, children, and families. There is no more powerful or inspiring venue for learning from the best in the world as they elucidate the therapies that have demonstrated effectiveness in peer-reviewed clinical research. Each expert will present their latest insights. 

The historical background of the conference brings it to life and creates eager anticipation of the event. Imagine, for the first time in the United States, a distinctly European psychotherapy conference with a basis in Attachment Theory. The Creating Connections Conference began 8 years ago in Efteling, Netherlands, which is roughly an hour drive from Amsterdam. It has taken place 3 times, every other year since inception. However, the entire Creating Connections movement began years before that with Dr. Sue Johnson publishing her book Creating Connections. Efteling is famous for the Efteling Amusement Park which was the basis for Disney Land and Disney World. Walt Disney visited Efteling and brought back everything it had to offer – including what we know as “The Pirates of the Caribbean.” The conference took place within the castle at the amusement park. Since its inception, the thought leaders in our field have presented and have also been privileged to take part in a Think Tank which has been hosted in castles in and around Efteling. Our CEO, Chris Cambas, attended the conference this past April, along with Richard Hayes of Digital Lightbridge, and Dr. Bill Bumberry. They met with Dr. Sue Johnson and the host of the event – Berry Aarnoudse. After months of research and actually attending the 2015 conference, the stage was set to launch the 4th Creating Connections Conference in the United States for the first time since its inception.

Creating Connections Workshop Videos

  • Dr. Sue Johnson – “Attachment in 21st Century” Presentation  and “Solving Challenges: Couple Therapy with EFT” Presentation   

  • Dr. Dan Siegel – “Attachment and Well-Being” Presentation  and “Defining the Mind” Presentation   

  • Dr. Zindel Segal – “Connecting from Inside Out” Presentation      

  • Dr. James Coan – “Affect and Emotion” Presentation 

  • Dr. Guy Diamond – “Attachment-Based Therapy” Presentation   

  • Dr. David Barlow – “Address Neurotic Paradox” Presentation  

  • Dr. Marco Iacoboni – “Brain Mechanisms for Empathy” Presentation

  • Dr. Daniel Hughes – “Healing Families” Presentation” 

  • Dr. Jeffry A. Simpson – “Partner Buffering” Presentation

  • Dr. Louis Cozolino – “Why Therapy Works” Presentation

  • Dr. Janina Fisher – “When Intimacy Feels Unsafe: Presentation

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