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  • *EFT – 2-Day Master Class – Tampa, FL May 23-24, 2019

*EFT – 2-Day Master Class – Tampa, FL May 23-24, 2019


2-Day Master Class in Tampa, Florida

(Discounts do not apply to this training)

Dates: Thursday, May 23rd – Friday, May 24th, 2019
Price: $395 Students: $250
Presented and hosted by George Faller, LMFT, EFT Trainer, Supervisor

Location: AC Hotel Tampa Airport, 4020 W Boy Scout Blvd, Tampa, FL 33607 (813) 350-4020

CE’s: 14 CE’s will be available for purchase for $39.99 through National Marriage Seminars of America.

Using EFT to Crack the Code of Love & Transform Stress


Train with one of the top experts in the world in this highly effective attachment-based model of couple and family therapy 


The New York Times and Time magazine herald EFT as “the couples therapy with the highest rate of success!”  Over the past 30 years, no approach to couples’ therapy has received wider recognition for its effectiveness than Emotionally Focused Therapy.  EFT is beautiful in its simplicity and yet most of us quickly learn it’s harder to do than it looks. Our optimism gained from watching an EFT training tape can quickly dissipate when we get stuck trying to apply it with a difficult couple.  Renew your confidence by getting more detailed help in the areas where you lose focus and get lost in reactivity and mis-attunement.  Go deeper with George as he breaks down the moment-to-moment decisions that inform EFT so you can immediately incorporate powerful and proven techniques into your own work.   Integrating concepts from George’s book Sacred Stress, participants will learn how to lean into partner’s blocks (reactivity/ mistrust) to engagement and discover that blocks can be transformed into bridges

Day 1:

  • Seizing the Power of Attachment to Facilitate Change- Understanding the foundations of attachment theory and working with emotions.
  • Understanding Cycles of Interdependency & the EFT Process- Learn to help each partner understand how their own feelings and behaviors unwittingly shape and are shaped by the feeling and behaviors of their partner, and learn ways to help the couple define the problems as the cycle, rather than each other.
  • Going Deeper- Helping Withdrawers and Pursuers reach out to each other through Enactments. Couples often only see the reactive behaviors of the other resulting in more distress and isolation, along with constricted beliefs about each other and sometimes themselves.  Learn to help clients touch the underlying feelings that drive this reactivity, even when these feelings are outside their own awareness.  Join us as we explore those moments of greatest difficulty for couples, from still-face to high reactivity to despair and rage.  We’ll explore, demonstrate, practice and integrate in an interactive, experiential way.

Day 2: 

  • Learn how to take control of difficult sessions and keep your focus- Red, Yellow and Green Lights
  • Taking EFT Home- Professionally and Personally- Integrate the concepts of EFT with Sacred Stress to learn how to befriend stress and use it as a catalyst for positive change in all areas of your life

Through a combination of lecture, videotape, and exercises, participants will learn to identify the basic stages and steps of Emotionally Focused Therapy and to help couples recognize and de-escalate problematic cycles of interaction.  Participants will also learn to help couples create or restore the emotional bond by replacing the negative cycle of interaction with positive cycles of responsiveness.


At the conclusion of the workshop, the participant will be able to:

  • Identify the key assumptions of attachment theory as it applies to adult relationships.
  • Identify the assumptions, stages, and steps of EFT, as well as key change events.
  • Articulate key interventions that help clients to reprocess key emotional responses.
  • Identify common therapeutic impasses in EFT and how to address them and implement EFT interventions in clinical exercises and case examples.
  • Identify the different types of stress and how they impact our physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual well-being
  • Describe distinctive stress responses and ways to develop a healthy, challenge response to stress
  • Practice strategies for changing our mindset about stress and expanding our perspective to include the positive benefits of stress
  • Demystify faulty assumptions about stress and show tangible benefits of utilizing stress to increase energy, focus, performance, meaning, resilience, and connectability.
Disclaimer, Refund, Policy Cancellation Policy Agreement*

Refund and Cancellation Policy:  Those unable to attend this event will need to contact the George Faller at who is hosting training.  There will be a 20% administration fee for any cancellations. Refund up to April 23rd, 2019 – 20%, plus a $125 processing fee charged.   April 24th, 2019, 55% of the full fee is non-refundable, non-transferable to other trainings.  After May 2nd, 2019 – 100% of the full fee is non-refundable and non-transferable to other trainings.

This a non-hosted or sponsored National Marriage Seminars training. The individual or entity that made the arrangements to attend a Greenwich hosted event agrees to hold harmless National Marriage Seminars, Inc., its directors, and employees from any and all liability associated with this training.

CE’s: CE’s are NOT included in the price of these workshops, however, they will be available for purchase before and after the event.

Grievance Policy: It is the mission of National Marriage Seminars of America to find presenters who serve as a gateway to enhance clinical skills and to produce and distribute their work with integrity. We also believe in creating a learning environment that respects the diversity our attendees bring to these events. If you are dissatisfied with your experience, please email us at or contact us via phone at 813-960-0001 to further discuss your concerns.

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