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  • Relationscape, LLC Marketing Agreement (1) Training - Imago Relationships North America Oct 31-Dec 31, 2019
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Relationscape, LLC Marketing Agreement (1) Training – Imago Relationships North America Oct 31-Dec 31, 2019

Relationscape, LLC Marketing Agreement

Oct 31-Dec 31, 2019 – Imago 
  • $800 – Non-profit pricing for one advertised Training

Relationscape, LLC. agrees to market Fundamentals for Imago – Online Training beginning December 5, 2019.   Relationscape, LLC will receive $800 fee from Imago Relationships North America to advertise this (1) training  once we receive the signed contract and payment listed on the contract.  (This is a 20% discounted fee for a non-profit). All registrations will be processed through Imago Relationships North America through the registration link Imago Relationships North America will provide Relationscape, LLC.


 Imago Relationships North America may choose to participate in special advertising/marketing/social media discounts for students, military, flash sales, holiday sales to promote attendance to these trainings. 

 ______ Please initial Agree up to 25% or ______% discount off sales. 

 ______ Please initial if you DO NOT want to participate in any promotional marketing discounts.


Imago Relationships North America agrees that upon signing of this contract Relationscape, LLC will receive all necessary information to market the event / training to include but not limited to: price, presenter(s) bio(s) and picture(s), registration link, overview, location, cancellation policy and objectives of the trainings, detailed daily outline of the training and graphics to be utilized in email and social media marketing. 

Imago Relationships North America agrees that the marketing fee is paid in advance and is non-refundable even in situations where the event / training is cancelled and is held harmless in the entirety from any and all damages arising from the cancellation of an event / training.  further agrees to hold Relationscape, LLC harmless in the entirety along with its employees and officers from any and all claims that may arise from the event / training outlined in this contract. 

Imago Relationships North America is responsible for all aspects of the training that is advertised and marketed through Relationscape, LLC.  The individual or entity that makes the arrangements to attend an Imago Relationships North America event agrees to hold harmless Relationscape, LLC, National Marriage Seminars, Inc., its directors, and employees from any and all liability associated with this event. By registering for any Relationscape, LLC, National Marriage Seminars, Inc. advertised or hosted event the individual or entity agrees to these terms.



Please review and sign.


By:  ________________________________________ Date: ____________________________

Imago Relationships North America


By: ________________________________________ Date: ____________________________
Relationscape, LLC

Disclaimer, Refund, Policy Cancellation Policy Agreement*

Disclaimer & Cancellation Policy:  All CE Purchase are final.

Grievance Policy: It is the mission of National Marriage Seminars of America to find presenters who serve as a gateway to enhance clinical skills and to produce and distribute their work with integrity. We also believe in creating a learning environment that respects the diversity our attendees bring to these events. If you are dissatisfied with your experience, please email us at admin@nationalmarriageseminars.com or contact us via phone at 813-960-0001 to further discuss your concerns.

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