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Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work Couples Workshop – Overland Park, KS – Sep 21-22, 2018

Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work Couples Workshop – Overland Park, KS

Friday, March 22 – Saturday, March 23, 2019

Time: Friday, 6p-9p and Saturday, 9a-3p
Price: $245 per couple
Location: Astra Business Center, 6900 W 80th Street, Overland Park, KS 66204

Presented by: Dr. Doug and Claudia Burford

This Friday evening (6-9pm) and Saturday (9am-3pm) workshop is for couples at any stage of a relationship, married or not. The content is based on The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work by John Gottman, Ph.D. The format is a live presentation led by Doug Burford, LPC— a Level 3 trained Gottman Method Couples therapist and 7 Principles Leader with Seattle’s Gottman Institute. 

The seminar imparts in practical, applicable ways the findings of Dr. Gottman’s four decades of research on the habits and patterns of couples. His scientific, longitudinal studies at the University of Washington are without peer in their study of over four thousand couples, measuring everything from the way couples talk to each other, to vital signs, to stress hormone levels, to conflict-recovery techniques.

The research conducted by The Gottman Institute has made Dr. Gottman the most-quoted author on marriage by other authors on marriage. It has provided solid, scientifically-validated conclusions on what makes relationships work. In fact, so reliable are Dr. Gottman’s principles that he can observe a married couple in conflict for fifteen minutes and determine whether they will divorce—with over 90% accuracy—assuming their interactive patterns remain unchanged. 

If you’ve ever wondered why some couples thrive while others dive, this seminar will provide answers. In less than a full weekend, you’ll learn the six toxic patterns observed in “disaster couples” that cause their demise, and the seven relationship-building patterns observed in “master couples.”  As a couple, you will engage in private exercises to help you apply—in-seminar—the Principles to your relationship.

The registration cost is per couple and includes two (2) complimentary copies of Dr. Gottman’s book: The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work. (Professionals who work with couples, and are interested in the research from an educational standpoint, may attend unaccompanied, or with their partner, or with a colleague or friend.)

What recent attendees have said: 

  • “Thanks for the very informative session. I learned new ‘tools’ I can use to be a better communicator and partner.”
  • “The Love Maps and the antidotes to The Four Horsemen will be very helpful.”
  • “The best marriage seminar we’ve attended!”
  • “The content was great, but the personal examples definitely made it relatable.”
  • “Overall, this is a 5 out of 5 stars! Thanks!”
  • “I enjoyed experiencing this seminar with couples in all stages of life.”
  • “The environment was very comfortable.”
  • “A highlight for me was learning about conflict resolution in a safe, fair, and supportive way.”
  • “It wasn’t ‘gloom and doom’ but rather positive.”
  • (I’m now) “…able to identify what the argument is really about, and identify how the other is processing things.”
  • “I enjoyed the real-life stories and hearing other couples.”
  • “Easy-to-follow and fun exercises to do together.”
  • “Great use of our time!!” 
  • “It was very pleasant to evaluate where my marriage is, where it is going, and how much fun it can be to go through this journey.”
  • “This has been a roadmap to get our relationship back on track.”
  • “I liked the conversation and being able to hear others’ perspectives.”
  • “My eyes have been opened more fully to the perpetual vs. solvable problems in any relationship.”
  • “There are tons of difference makers you can use in making your marriage a great marriage.”
  • “I feel less doomed about our conflict; it’s a validation that although we need help resolving it, we are not broken because we have it.”
  • “I enjoyed the mix of activities, videos, and discussion.”


Must both partners attend? 

        Ideally, as couple exercises are part of the event. 

Is the seminar only for married couples?

        No, the material applies equally well to couples who are dating, cohabiting, or engaged. 
        Professionals in helping fields may attend unaccompanied, or with their partner, or with a colleague or friend.

Will we share our struggles publicly? 

        No, couple exercises are done privately. Participation in group discussion is voluntary. 

Do we have to read the book? 

        No, but learning is enhanced by the additional information provided in the book. 

How many couples will be present? 

        The event is limited to twelve (12) couples or 24 people. 

What if I have to cancel my registration?  

Due to a partnership with third-party marketing sites, cancellation reimbursement is set at 80% of paid registration(s), up to seven days prior to the event. 

Where can I contact the organizer?

        Please email info@DougBurford.com or call (913) 642-2190.

How do I secure Continuing Education Units (CEUs/CEs)? 

Counselors wishing to earn 8 CEUs, please notify the organizer at time of registration. (If registering through National Marriage Seminars, CEUs are handled according to their policies, pricing, and procedure.) 

Claudia Burford, LBSW, is a Gottman Institute-trained Educator for the Bringing Baby Home program. She has previously worked with Parents as Teachers and The Family Conservancy, and now serves as a social worker with Children’s Mercy Hospital, in Kansas City, MO. Doug Burford, DMin, LPC, EMDR is Level 3 trained in Gottman Method Couples Therapy, and is a Gottman Institute-trained Leader for The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work. Doug’s counseling practice in Overland Park, KS specializes in relationship counseling and trauma therapy. Doug and Claudia have been married for over thirty years and have raised three children. 

Disclaimer, Refund, Policy Cancellation Policy Agreement*

Refund Policy: Doug Burford, DMin, LPC hosted events agrees to hold harmless National Marriage Seminars, Inc., its directors, and employees from any and all liability associated with those travel and event arrangements. By registering for any event through National Marriage Seminars, Inc. website the individual or entity agrees to these terms.

Disclaimer & Cancellation Policy: To cancel email info@dougburford.com  7 or more days prior to the event you may receive a refund of 80% of the purchase price.  Within 7 days there are no refunds.   This is a non-hosted or sponsored National Marriage Seminars training. The individual or entity that made the arrangements to attend a Doug Burford, DMin, LPC hosted event agrees to hold harmless National Marriage Seminars, Inc., its directors, and employees from any and all liability associated with this training.

CE’s: CE’s are NOT included in the price of these workshops, however, they will be available for purchase at the event.

Grievance Policy: It is the mission of National Marriage Seminars of America to find presenters who serve as a gateway to enhance clinical skills and to produce and distribute their work with integrity. We also believe in creating a learning environment that respects the diversity our attendees bring to these events. If you are dissatisfied with your experience, please email us at admin@nationalmarriageseminars.com or contact us via phone at 813-960-0001 to further discuss your concerns.

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