Counseling for the Clinician

Being a clinician brings challenges and rewards. Since the advent of COVID19, the challenges have increased, caseloads have grown exponentially and our individual stress has skyrocketed.

Our services are tailored to the stresses and demands clinicians face on a daily basis.  This has also affected our relationships with our spouses and partners.  

Chris Cambas has been in private practice for 20 years and has logged 40,000+ hours with both clients and clinicians. He understands the daily demands clinicians face and the burnout that goes with it. For 20 years his passion has been helping therapists thrive whether it’s through clinical trainings, building private practices, or counseling services individually and especially couples work.

Selfcare is the capstone of a successful career as a clinician. 

Both in-person and virtual formats for sessions are offered. 

As clinicians, we’re in this together. Helen Keller once wrote, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”  Don’t let self-care take a back seat. 

Services Offered:

Individual Sessions

Group Sessions


$175 per hour individual/couples sessions

$200 per hour group sessions


To schedule an appointment for individual, couples, or group counseling, please contact lori@nationalmarriage or call (813)960-0001.


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