Virtual National Conference

The Practice Startup Virtual Conference

Friday, October 28th and Saturday October 29th, 2022

9:00 am - 3:30 pm EDT

$199 per person - 11 CE's Available for $39.99

So many of us have the dream of starting our private practice.  Many others have their practices yet feel stuck on how to build and expand. These are the pain points for all of us.

Where do we begin, what steps do we take, what are the costs, and so many more questions. We feel lost with no direction and no compass in sight.  Helen Keller once said, “Alone we can do so little; together we can achieve so much.” At The Practice Startup, we believe that, which is why we host a National Conference each year.

Join us Online for the Virtual Private Practice National Conference.  Collaborate with your colleagues from around the nation while interacting with business executives specializing in all private practice areas.

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The Private Practice Virtual National Conference
Building Your Private Practice in a Digital World


Date: Friday, October 28th, 2022

Format: Via ZOOM

Day 1 - Friday

9 am-9:15 am - Welcome by Chris Cambas, LMFT, CEO of The Practice Startup, National Marriage Seminars and CoupleStrong

9:15 am-10:45 am - Digital Strategy: Knowledge Is Profit by Ed Bardwell, CEO, Rainmaker Digital

11 am-12:30 pm -  Web Design & Trends Katy Barrilleaux, Client Services Vice President, RainMaker Digital

12:30 pm -1:30 pm Lunch

1:30 pm -3 pm - Email Marketing Bob Wagner "The Better Business Email Guy", General Manager

3:15 pm  - 4:45 pm - Building Community via Social Media David Brandon Copywriter

4:45 pm - 5 pm - Thank you and close of day 1- Chris Cambas, LMFT, CEO of The Practice Startup, National Marriage Seminars and CoupleStrong

Day 2: Saturday, October 29th, 2022

9 am-9:15 am Good morning & welcome Chris Cambas, LMFT, CEO of The Practice Startup, National Marriage Seminars and CoupleStrong

9:15 am - 10:45 am -  Corporations: Why Your Practice Needs One Chris Cambas & Corporate Attorney

11 am-12:30 pm -  Insurance: Personal & Professional Liability & How To Protect Yourself Chris Cambas & Corporate Attorney

12:3 pm-1:30 pm Lunch
1:30 pm - 3 pm  - Insurance Billing: What You Need To Know Chris Cambas & Insurance Company
3 pm -  Close the conference Chris Cambas, LMFT, CEO of The Practice Startup, National Marriage Seminars and CoupleStrong
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Digital Strategy: Knowledge is Profit
Summary: We live in a world where content and audience drive bottom-line success. Individuals and practices must understand that we are all "media companies," and digital media is a fundamental part of the business. The best news is that audiences want information, and knowledge is key to driving profit.
Presenter: Ed Bardwell, President

Web Design Trends
Summary: Social media is great, but every company must own its website. Websites don't need to be huge investments but must be living expressions of the practice. Brochureware and outdated content are great ways to LOSE prospects. The presentation will share ideas and trends to make sharing content easy, relevant and ensure that your website is an asset.
Presenter: Katy Barrilleaux, Client Services Vice President

Email Marketing
Summary: Most business leaders know that email marketing still has the HIGHEST ROI of any type of marketing. The presentation will share the keys to generating permission, building a relationship through email, and the latest techniques to reach (and stay) your audience's inbox.
Presenter: Bob Wagner, "The Better Business Email Guy," General Manager

Building community via social media
Summary: The internet has fundamentally shifted control of a brand's message from the company to the audience. To succeed, brands must build community with their audience, establish their authority and authenticity, and engage in ongoing conversations.
Presenter: David Brandon, Copywriter

Corporations: Why Your Practice Needs One
If you have a private practice, you run a business, and every business needs to be incorporated. This session will discuss the types of corporations and their benefits.
Insurance: Personal & Professional Liability & How To Protect Yourself 
The business world is becoming increasingly litigious, and you must know how to protect yourself personally and professionally. In this presentation, we will discuss various strategies to keep you and your practice safe from the world of litigation
Insurance Billing: What You Need To Know
This presentation provides information on insurance boarding as well as billing. You will learn the upside and downside of accepting insurance.


Chris Cambas, LMFT, CEO of The Practice Startup, National Marriage Seminars, CoupleStrong, and successful private practice. 

Ed Bardwell, president of Rainmaker Digital Services, is an award-winning marketing-technology veteran passionate about using technology to solve business challenges. Ed's experience has taught him that success comes from sharing the right message at the right time over the right communications channel.

Bob Wagner is the General Manager of Nimble Worldwide and has a deep belief in the power of PII – (P)romotion, (I)nformation, and (I)nspiration to drive consumers and businesses to take action. He considers marketing to be an investment, believes in measuring results, and deploying resources to achieve the most successful outcome. Those outcomes should be the same real-world metrics that businesses use to determine success.

David Brandon, Copywriter for RMDS, has been writing for the web for ten years. David believes there are no boring stories, only bad storytellers — and he's here to tell the stories of the brands, products, and people he believes in.

Katy Barrilleaux brings over 30 years of experience to RMDS as the Vice President of Client Services of Rainmaker Digital Services (RMDS). Her expertise crosses various industries in B2B and B2C, from large to small and all sizes in between, and with a vast range of marketing needs. She partners with each client to provide her strategic leadership, technical chops, and unwavering client commitment to achieving their business goals.

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