Virtual National Conference

So many of us have the dream of starting our own private practice.  Many others have their own practices yet feel stuck on how to build and expand. These are the pain points for all of us.

Where do we begin, what steps do we take, what are the costs and so many more questions. We feel lost with no direction and no compass in sight.  Helen Keller once said, “Alone we can do so little; together we can achieve so much.” At The Practice Startup, we believe that and that is why we host a National Conference each year.

Join us Online for the Private Practice National Conference.  Collaborate with your  colleagues from around the nation while interacting with business executives specializing in all areas of private practice.

The Private Practice Online National Conference



Day One

8:45am Welcome

9am: The Ecosystem of Advertising

10:30am Website Design & Setup

12 Noon Lunch

1:15pm  Accounting & Bookkeeping

2:45pm Blogging and Content Strategy for your practice

4:15pm Social Media: Where, When & What to Post

5:30pm Close of day 1


Day Two

8:45am Welcome

9am Email Marketing: What You Need To Send and How

10:30am Private Practice Blueprint

12 Noon Lunch

1:15pm Corporations & Tax Structures

2:45pm General & Professional Liability Insurance

4:15pm Insurance Boards

5:30pm Close of Conference & Thank You