Marriage Intensive Referral

Never before has so much been expected from couples—for partners to be emotional soulmates, faithful sexual partners, perfect parents, and unwavering allies through life's many storms. And never before have so many relationships crumbled under the weight of such heavy expectations.

So when couples seek our help, we can't just sit back and let them rehash their repeated conflicts and bring out the worst in each other.

We need to help them explore new possibilities and experience creative solutions that free them from whatever's keeping them stuck.

That's why we've developed Couplestrong Marriage Intensives, to teach couples our unique and richly experiential approach to couples therapy that has transformed thousands of relationships.

Couples experience the steps we take to create a safe and energizing environment where they can talk about anything—which encourages the healing conversations that are key to transforming relationships. Through compelling, intensive couples therapy sessions, combined with exclusive, in-depth analysis, they discover practical tools to help overcome the pain of infidelity, sexual incompatibility, trauma, shame, addictions and more.

This is a referral resource we offer to clinicians globally. Our Couplestrong staff handles the intensive therapy as well as developing a treatment plan. After the intensive we refer back to you for follow-up.

For more information please contact our office at 813-960-0001.

If this referral resource is something that interests you, please contact our offices