Dr. Sue Johnson - Creating Connections Conference

"As we embark on new frontiers in science and psychotherapy, we are moving closer towards relational wholeness." - Dr. Sue Johnson

Conference Overview

For the first time in the United States, Creating Connections 2016 brought together the world’s most-renowned and followed neuroscience and psychotherapy experts as they focused on the continuing impact of cutting-edge science. All previous Creating Connections conferences have been held in Efteling, the Netherlands, since their inception in 2011.

The practice of psychotherapy is undergoing a revolution because of the latest research showing the ways people are wired for relationships and how they can employ innate tools for managing those relationships. The researchers and scientists at Creating Connections 2016 helped attendees and viewers develop their own framework and techniques for applying this science in their work with adults, couples, children, and families.

Learn from the best in the world as they elucidated the therapies that have demonstrated effectiveness in peer-reviewed clinical research.


Constitution Hall Opening Night


Grand Hyatt Washington DC Plenaries & Breakouts


Heurich Castle Think Tank

Dr Sue Johnson

Solving Challenges

Dr Dan Siegel

Attachment Well Being
Defining The Mind

Dr James Coan

Health & Well Being

Dr Marco Iacoboni

Between Ourselves

Dr Jeff Simpson

Partner Buffering

David Barlow

Neurotic Paradox

Dr. Sandra Paivio
Dr Lou Cozolino

Why Therapy Works

Dr Dan Hughes

Healing Families

Dr Guy Diamond

Attachment Family Therapy

Dr Janina Fisher

When Intimacy Feels Unsafe

Dr Zindel Segal

Connecting Inside Out