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So many of us have the dream of starting our own private practice.  Many others have their own practices yet feel stuck on how to build and expand. These are the pain points for all of us.  Where do we begin, what steps do we take, what are the costs and so many more questions. We feel lost with no direction and no compass in sight.  Helen Keller once said, “Alone we can do so little; together we can achieve so much.” At The Practice Startup, we believe that and that is why we interact with over 1 million therapists nationally.

The Practice Startup Master Class brings clarity on how to start, run, expand and sell your own private practice. Drawing on 100+ years of combined business experience from Main Street to Wall Street, Chris & Nick Cambas along with their lifelong CPA and business partner Lionel Martinez, have created a detailed BLUEPRINT to help you get up and running.  The Master Class consists of 14 modules with over 30 hours of instructional and motivational videos,  curriculum, recommended books and interviews with a wide variety of professionals ranging from Navy Seals to Attorneys, CPA’s, Website designers and many more.

Here’s what Version 1.0 looks like
Format of modules:
  • Introduction with Overview of the Topic
  • Interviews with professionals in various fields ranging from Navy Seals to Website designers
  • Module Summary
  • Curriculum
  • Ted Talks
  • Motivational & Instructional videos
  • Recommended Books

What you receive:

  • Onboarding call
  • Access to 30 hours of content and curriculum
  • Access to Practice Chat every Friday from 12:00om-1:30pm EDT
  • Access to Private Practice Coaching
  • Private Online Forum

  • 15% Discount on materials and conferences offered by The Practice Startup
  • Participation in Nationwide therapist surveys to help better deliver what therapists need to help run their practices
  • Blogging and PodCast collaboration
  • $300 savings on upgrades to Versions 2.0 and higher when released
Who is the Master Class and Nationwide Therapist Community for:

Marriage and Family Therapists        

Mental Health Counselor                      

Professional Counselor                         

Social Worker                                          

Life Coach                                                  


Faith-Based Counselors

Registered Interns



Graduate Students


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Module 1: Begin With The End In Mind

 This module is an exercise in financial analysis. The purpose is to help you define a lifestyle and build your career around it instead of a career that your life revolves around.

Module 2: The Why

In this module, we help you to better understand the concept of “why” and help define a format for clarifying yours. To do great work it’s essential to understand why you’re doing it.

Module 3: Commitment

Motivation is garbage.  Your brain is designed to keep you safe. In this module, we help you understand why this is and the impact it has on your business and your life.

Module 4: Integrity

This module is designed to help you better understand integrity, what it say’s about you, why you need it and how it impacts your business. This concept helps to define who you are as well as your business.

Module 5: Corporations

In this module, we introduce you to an understanding of corporations, what types there are, why you need one, tax structures for each and how they protect you from personal liability.

Module 6: Accounting:

This module is designed to give you an understanding of financial statements, Budgets, Bookkeepers, CPA ’s, Tax Returns and the importance of each. Financial information is critical to the success of your business.

Module 7: Banking

In this module, we discuss business bank accounts versus personal, the importance of having a business bank account, credit card processors and how personal credit ratings affect each.

Module 8: Corporate Insurance

This module is designed to help you understand what insurance is, what types there are, which types you need, how it protects your business and why it’s essential in running a business.

Module 9: Location Of Practice

In this module, we help you define how to determine a location that is best for your practice.  Understanding and defining your client is an essential element in this process.

Module 10: Office Essentials

This module is a comprehensive overview of what you will need to start, run and scale your private practice.  Attention to the small things makes all the difference.

Module 11:  Advertising

In this module, we help to cut through the clutter of where, when and how to advertise. With so many outlets to spend advertising dollars, it’s essential to know where those dollars are best spent.

Module 12: Selling Your Practice

This module gives comprehensive information regarding various formats used to value businesses. The importance of knowing who can help and where to find them is outlined in this module.

Module 13: Startup Costs

Understanding the costs of starting a business are essential. This module is a comprehensive overview of startup costs for various formats of a private practice.

Module 14: Overview

This module is an extensive summary of each module. The volume of information covered in Master Class is exhaustive. This summary is helpful in bringing insights back to the forefront of your mind.