7 Common Warning Signs of a Toxic Relationship

Toxic Relationship Blog

A toxic relationship can suck the life right out of you. Some people have a long history of getting themselves into toxic relationships and staying far too long. What exactly is a toxic relationship? Here’s one explanation from the book Toxic People (1995) by Dr. Lillian Glass: “Any relationship between people who don’t support each…

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Passion and Purpose – 7 Tips to Find Your Purpose

Purpose Blog

Finding your purpose, calling, or mission requires some soul searching. It may be something that seemed unrealistic, silly, or childish at one time. But, allow yourself to consider all things, without judging them as good/bad or right/wrong. For example, a love for dolls as a child may transfer to making or designing doll clothes as…

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What To Do if You or Your Spouse Has a Midlife Crisis

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There’s a lot of controversy surrounding the idea of a midlife crisis. Maybe it’s a myth. Maybe it comes in so many different variations that it’s hard to describe. Still, many adults go through a stage where they feel washed up or question the meaning of their lives. They may follow the old stereotype of buying…

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Read This Before You Develop a Workplace Crush

Workplace flirting

Only 37% of employees intentionally avoid office romance, according to the most recent annual survey by the job site Vault.com. The same study found that more than 72% of respondents over the age of 50 had dated someone at work. The longer you’re collecting a paycheck, the more likely you are to face the decision…

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9 Healthy Tips to Cope with Anxiety

    If you struggle with anxiety on a daily basis, you may find yourself using unhealthy methods, such as drug or alcohol abuse, to cope with it. For obvious reasons, this is not the best approach, but what is? Consider these strategies: 1. Deep breathing exercises. Many of us use our chests to breathe…

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