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  About Dr. Dan Wile

About Dr. Dan Wile

Dan Wile, PhD, the developer of Collaborative Couple Therapy, is internationally recognized for his innovative work with couples and his expertise in transforming conflict into opportunities for intimacy. He has been described by leading marital therapy researcher, John Gottman, PhD, as “a genius and the greatest living marital therapist.” 

Dr. Wile’s clinical expertise includes forty years as a couple therapist. He is Assistant Professor at the University of California at Berkeley, and has taught at several graduate programs in the San Francisco Bay area. Renowned for his engaging personal style and unique ability to skillfully address both theory and practice, he provides professional workshops on couple therapy throughout the world and co-leads workshops for couples with his life partner Dorothy Kaufmann.

Dr. Wile has published widely on psychotherapeutic theory and couple therapy. He is the author of Couples Therapy: A Nontraditional Approach, After the Honeymoon: How Conflict Can Improve Your Relationship andAfter the Fight: Using Your Disagreements to Build a Stronger Relationship. Dr. Wile maintains a private practice in Oakland, California.

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