Art & Science of Love Weekend – Indianapolis, IN – October 24-25, 2020

Art and Science of Love Weekend – Indianapolis, IN

Saturday, October 24 – Sunday, october 25, 2020

  • $650 per couple (includes a comprehensive relationship toolkit)
  • Presented and hosted by Dr. Adam Smithey, LMFT, Certified Gottman Therapist
  • 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
  • Location: Country Inn & Suites Indianapolis Airport South, (317) 821-1100, 5630 Flight School Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46221

This workshop is designed for all couples in a committed relationship.  If you have a strong relationship, this workshop will provide you with insights and tools to foster further closeness, friendship, and trust. If your relationship is distressed, this two-day workshop will provide you with a greater understanding of your relationship and a road map for repair. No public discussion or disclosure is involved.

At the workshop, you’ll learn how to: foster respect, affection, and closeness; build and share a deeper connection with each other; keep conflict discussions calm, break through and resolve conflict gridlock; and strengthen and maintain the gains in your relationship.

Workshop topics include:

  • Learn to recognize the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and what to do if they are attacking your marriage
  • Identify your relationship’s specific strengths and how to build on them
  • Learn about the effects of physiological flooding and how it may affect conflict resolution
  • Use the Fondness and Admiration System to renew respect and care for one another
  • Create an Emotional Bank Account that you can draw upon in times of stress
  • Develop your problem-solving skills, including the 6 skills for effective conflict resolutions
  • Find out how you can make your dreams and aspirations come true for you, your partner, and your relationship

As a result of this workshop, you will receive:

In addition to a greater understanding of how to build friendship, manage conflict, and create shared meaning in your relationship, you will receive a box set, which contains:The Art and Science of Love DVD Home Study

  • 7 Card Decks
    • Love Map
    • Opportunity
    • Open-Ended Questions
    • Rituals of Connection
    • Salsa (Mild, Medium, Hot)
  • 2 Couples Workbooks
  • Repair Checklist
  • Aftermath of a Fight Booklet
  • Sound Relationship House Magnet

Workshop Schedule:

(Subject to Change)

Day 1:

  • 8:00 Registration
  • 8:30 Workshop Begins
  • 10-10:15 Morning Break 
  • 12:20-1:35 Lunch Break **
  • 3:10-3:25 Afternoon Break *
  • 4:50 End of Day

Day 2:

  • 8:30 Workshop Begins
  • 9:45-10:00 Morning Break *
  • 11:45-1:15 Lunch Break **
  • 3:15-3:30 Afternoon Break *
  • 4:50 End of Day

Light refreshments will be provided during the morning and afternoon breaks. Lunch is on your own

Disclaimer, Refund, Policy Cancellation Policy Agreement*

Refund, Disclaimer & Cancellation Policy:: All registrations are final.  Any inquiries or requests for cancellations, need to email  The individual or entity that made the arrangements to attend a Smithey Counseling Services, LLC event agrees to hold harmless National Marriage Seminars, Inc., its directors, and employees from any and all liability associated with this event. By registering for any National Marriage Seminars, Inc. advertised or hosted event the individual or entity agrees to these terms.

CE’s: CE’s are NOT included in the price of these workshops, however, they will be available for purchase at the event.

Grievance Policy: It is the mission of National Marriage Seminars of America to find presenters who serve as a gateway to enhance clinical skills and to produce and distribute their work with integrity. We also believe in creating a learning environment that respects the diversity our attendees bring to these events. If you are dissatisfied with your experience, please email us at or contact us via phone at 813-960-0001 to further discuss your concerns.

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