15 Ways to Make Your Relationship Sizzle This Summer

  1. Have a day with no agenda – the only 2 things on it should be the 2 of you.
  2. Check out a live band or go to an outdoor concert.  Rock out, jam out, or dance the night away with your love.  
  3. Read a romantic or sexually charged novel together.  
  4. Lie on a raft or in a hammock together and talk about your shared dreams and goals.  
  5. Create a new summer tradition. 
  6. Make a summer project together.  You can pick seashells and make a craft out of it.  You can take pictures of each thing you did this summer and make a memory or scrapbook.  What will you do?
  7. Take a couples’ yoga class.
  8. Take your honey and go buy some new summer attire, try it on for him or her and let your partner pick what he or she likes on you.  
  9. Get involved in a sport’s activity whether it is on a team, a day event, fundraiser, or just for recreation.  Play on the same team and flirt during the game, give your partner a friendly “good game” slap on the butt, whisper what you would like to do later, steal a kiss just like stealing 3rd base… 
  10.  Turn on a slow song, hold each other close and dance in your living room.  “Being a good dancer” is not a required, so no excuses here!   
  11.  Kiss for the entire duration of a stoplight.  
  12.  Play Twister, if you don’t have it just create it!
  13. Find a waterfall you can swim under and have a passionate kiss.  You can pretend you are shooting a love scene in a movie.  If you have to make your own waterfall, a hose will work too.
  14. Plan a weekend “surprise” summer getaway for your beloved.
  15. Make a favorite drink of yours and sit out on the deck and talk about nothing and everything.

By Katie Lemieux, LMFT

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