Creating Connections, Couples Therapy & Robbing Banks

Why do you rob banks?
Because that’s where the money is.
…… Willie Sutton

Why should you attend Creating Connections?
Because that’s where the emotions are.
…… Attachment Theory

These simple words of notorious bank robber Willie Sutton reveal a basic understanding of how to succeed in any chosen profession.  Start simple and stay with the heart of the matter. This idea is so self evident that we often overlook the profound truth contained within. The “Willie Sutton Rule” or “Suttons Law” has even found it’s way into some medical schools. When making a diagnosis, medical students are encouraged to focus on the obvious, rather than the obscure, when ordering diagnostic procedures.

When applied to our chosen life endeavor … helping couples in distress, the Willie Sutton rule suggests that we need to become experts at understanding and working with the deepest emotions that reside in the human heart.  In particular, we need to know how to help couples access, experience and share these emotions with each other.  

Simple idea … complicated task.  

This is where Creating Connections 2016 enters the picture.  This event offers a unique opportunity to update your knowledge of Attachment Theory and improve your skills as a therapist. 

Emanating from the innovative brilliance of Dr. John Bowlby, Attachment Theory may now be our most powerful conceptual basis for effective clinical work.  It is an elegant, ever-evolving way of understanding human connection.

When applied to working with couples, Attachment Theory offers a framework that allows us to understand the inner workings of couples in distress.  It permits us to see the emotions that bind them, as well as the emotions that blind them.  In short, Attachment Theory is a map of the emotional forces that guide the dance of relationships. 

During this event you’ll hear Dr. Sue Johnson offer an inspiring perspective of how science and clinical thinking have finally come together in an empirically validated model … Emotionally Focused Therapy.  This is can’t miss material for anyone working with couples.

You’ll hear the latest from Dr. Daniel Siegel as he explores the inner workings of attachment, mindfulness, integration and well-being.

Dr. James Coan will share his brilliant findings about how healthy interpersonal relationships help us regulate affect and emotion.

Dr. Marco Iacoboni will talk about the brain mechanisms of empathy.

Dr. Jeffrey Simpson will share his latest findings about how interpersonal relationships can buffer insecure attachment.

 Dr. David Barlow will present a new diagnostic scheme for emotional disorders.

Dr. Sandra Paivio will discuss how Emotion-Focused Therapy for Trauma (EFTT) helps reduce avoidance and facilitate self-soothing in cases of complex trauma.

Dr. Louis Cozolino will delve into the fascinating territory of why therapy works.

Dr. Daniel Hughes presents on helping families reduce defensiveness and enhance engagement.

Dr. Guy Diamond presents on Attachment-Based Family Therapy.

Dr. Janina Fisher focuses on Healing Trauma through Couples Therapy.

Dr. Zindel Segal will address how mindful awareness promotes interpersonal effectiveness

Throughout this event you’ll be updated on cutting edge research and innovative clinical interventions that are emerging from this model.  Be there as the leading researchers and clinicians in the field of Attachment Theory present their latest findings and newest clinical ideas.  

By Dr. William Bumberry

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