15 Ways to Make Your Relationship Sizzle This Summer

By National Marriage Seminars / November 28, 2019 /

Have a day with no agenda – the only 2 things on it should be the 2 of you. Check out a live band or go to an outdoor concert.  Rock out, jam out, or dance the night away with your love.   Read a romantic or sexually charged novel together.   Lie on a raft or…

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3 Strategies to Get Over the Fear of Being Alone

By National Marriage Seminars / October 28, 2019 /

Imagine you’re having dinner with friends.  While catching up, you listen to them talk about their wonderful, positive relationships.  When it’s your turn, they ask, ‘So how about you’?  You pause and realize you’re the ONLY one who isn’t happy with your relationship.  Come to think of it, you’ve been settling for someone just for…

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Accepting Influence Blog:

By National Marriage Seminars / September 28, 2019 /

Some of the most powerful and influential leaders of our time can teach us some things about building relationships and rapport with others.  When dealing with unrest and conflict, they will consider what the other side has to say.  They take it in, absorb it, and find out what it means and why this stance…

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